Témoignages de clients

"I had heard that it is not easy for a foreigner coming to France to rent a property, because of bureaucracy and a certain of mistrust among French landlords. Coming from Finland, I did not have the opportunity to come to France in advance of my arrival to try to find a property, so I decided to enlist the help of Diane and her company. That was the best decision I could have made. After payment of a modest fee that I would have had to spend anyway on AirBnB while searching an unfamilar market, Diane handled everything for me, found an excellent property in a very short time, and handled all the paperwork and administration so that all I had to do was move in when I arrived. She did all this with great efficiency and friendliness, and I would recommend her services to anyone!"

Tim G. from Finland

"I have been working with Diane over the last six months and would very highly recommend her as a bi-lingual lawyer. She has demonstrated that she is highly focused on reviewing the case and is very knowledgeable about the law. She combines this with always being supportive and going out of her way to check in with you and update you regularly. Diane is able to speak both French and English fluently, and this is really vital so that you completely understand the situation and have clear explanations of your options going forward. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Cathy T. from England

"Diane took a very complicated process and made it simple. Everything I've asked for has been delivered in a timely and thoughtful fashion, with the little details already handled before I have even thought to ask for them. The apartment she found for us came in well below the original asking price for rent and with much better lease terms than we had even thought we could get. We are now in a beautiful apartment in a stunning neighborhood at an affordable price. Finally, Diane is just a pleasant, friendly and professional person to do business with, we were incredibly lucky to have found her."

Ryan S. from Houston (USA)

"I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with French Start for the registration process for my cars having moved over from Italy recently. Everything has been well-handled and has required minimum effort from myself. Diane has been available at all times to check the process of the application and whatever documents that might have been missing to complete the registration. All at a very reasonable fee. I can thoroughly recommend French Start for expats like myself having to deal with the famous French bureaucracy. It is very much worth it."

Karl K.M-J from Italy

"My experience working with Diane was extremely gratifying, and I would recommend her services to anybody without hesitation. She went above and beyond what was expected of her, and throughout the entire process displayed herself as equal parts knowledgeable, prompt, cordial and professional; all during a process that required a great amount of digital hand-holding on her part. My trouble specifically was with the renewal of a long-stay Visa, a process that is notorious for the bureaucratic morass that accompanies it. By the time I reached out to Diane, my application had been sent back 3 times due to incomplete paperwork, and I had begun to despair. Luckily, a friend, another one of Diane's satisfied clients, recommended her to me. Soon thereafter, I knew I was in capable hands as Diane worked with me on every detail of curating exactly the information I needed for my application, even going so far as to physically submit the paperwork to the Prefecture for me. As I write this review, with my just-received Récépissé in hand, I can honestly say I could not have done it without her. You can feel comfortable putting your trust in Diane, I'm surely glad that I did!"

Dan R. from San Francisco (USA)

"It's only six months since I arrived in France with my family, with none of us yet able to speak a word of French. Thanks to Diane's diligence, knowledge and good communication, we got the kids into school, opened bank accounts, secured rental accommodation, applied for residency and healthcare, imported our car and eventually purchased and moved into our own house. I saw enough of the nitty gritty of all these processes to know that French administration makes none of them easy, but with Diane's help we got it all done."